Butterfly Valve with Counterweight

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The safety butterfly valve used generally in order to protect a pump or a turbine and permits an opening and/or a closing according with the process. The counterweight actuator consists of a weight fixed to an arm, which is mounted on the shaft of the valve. The opening and the upholding in opening make by a hydraulic jack. The weight closes the valve when the pressure of the jack is out.

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The hydraulic power pack and the electrical cubicle are fixed on the same frame. To operate many valves is possible with the same equipment: in this case each valve has got an independent circuit, but with a common pressure supply.

The valve is holded in opening with the hydraulic pressure, it is necessary to compensate the internal hydraulic leakages, risponsable of a falling pressure and then a, not desirable, progressive closing of the valve. Two different technologies can make this « leakage control cycle » (Automatic cycle) :

a) Technology with limit switch : When the « leakage control » switch, located few degrees before the « opening » limit switch, switches on, the hydraulic pump starts. This technology is supplied in standard.
b) Technology with accumulator. A « low pressure » pressure gauge starts the hydraulic pump in order to blow up the accumulator.