Pressure Regulator Type TA-630

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TA-630 Pressure Regulators have been designed to operate with inlet pressure up to 105 bar, and regulated pressure between 0.21 bar and 4 bar (with 5inch diaphragms) and 1.5 bar up to 14 bar (with 2.1/2inch diaphragms).

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Warranty of at least 12 months according to manufacturer standards


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Technical Data

End connections: 1inch or 2inch BSP or NPT. Operating temperature: 20ºC …. 60ºC. Approximates weight: 14,6 … 17,5 Kg.


Body: Ductile Iron. Trim: Brass (Inox optional). Diaphragm : Nitrile. Shutter: Nitrile or PTFE