Pressure Relief Valve

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  • Manufacturer: Sapag

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The SAPAG Pressure relief valve is an effective way of protecting pipelines (water distribution and treatment networks) against overpressures.

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The SAPAG Pressure Relief Valve owes its qualities to its original simplicity, the result of long theoretical studies and tests. Pressure relief valve is an effective way of protecting a pipeline against overpressures.

Overpressure protection for water distribution and treatment networks.

Technical data
Valve size (DN) : 50 – 80 – 125 – 200
Working pressure (bar) : 77 max (acc.DN)
Températures (°C): Ambiantes
Unidirectional design

Flange connections
Flange : PN 10/16/20/25/40/50
Others : on request

Total lack of guidance
Negligible inertia
Metal-to-metal seat
Reduced relief (variation in pressure during opening)
Small face to face