BVT-DLB Ring-style attemperator

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  • Manufacturer: ADICOMP

Made in: Sweden

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Attemperation is used for controlling the degree of superheat in a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or a boiler. Water is injected into the steam pipe using a series of spring loaded atomizing nozzles. Attemperators are installed between the superheater stages in order to protect any secondary superheater pipes from damage owing to excessive heat, called “inter-stage”. Another attemperator is often placed after the boiler / HRSG to regulate the output temperature of the boiler / HRSG or to ensure that the temperature upstream the turbine does not rise too quickly.
The BVT-DLB has a welded flow profiling liner for superior evaporation and performance.

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Determined by spray water valve
Pressure class
EN PN 16-320 
ASME 150-2500

Design temperature
Steam - 630 °C 
Water - 250 °C

Nozzle body / plug Spring  
Steam pipe / liner 
Water pipes