BVT-DLP Ring-style desuperheater

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A steam desuperheater is used for reducing the temperature of superheated to steam close its saturation point, where thermal efficiency is highest. This is performed by injecting spray water into the steam flow. Spray water flow is controlled by an external water control valve and injected perpendicular to the steam flow using a series of spring-loaded spray water atomizing nozzles. The steam pipe is protected from thermal stresses by a welded liner which also acts as a flow profiler, increasing the relative steam velocity near the nozzles and improving evaporation. The number of nozzles are chosen based on the steam pipe diameter, in order to improve the spread of injected water over its cross section, and the nozzle springs are chosen / preloaded to avoid flashing in the nozzle opening.

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Determined by spray water valve
Pressure class
EN PN 16-320 
ASME 150-2500

Design temperature
Steam - 630 °C 
Water - 250 °C

Nozzle body / plug Spring  
Steam pipe / liner 
Water pipes