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Thanks to the various interfaces, the adaptors can be used with any portable valve actuator and any head (straight, right angle or banjo).


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They also enable you to use the actuators for applications other than activating valves and on many types of interface other than handwheels.

1. Interfaces for adaptors SAxxx, SUAxxx and FUAxxx without a banjo head

Using the KPA interface, you can manipulate the SAxxx, SUAxxx and FUAxxx adaptors without a banjo head.

Please note, this configuration is not compatible with handwheels that have a rising stem.

The KPA interface is available in 3 versions:

  • KPA003 for the SA003 adaptor
  • KPA004 (or KPA316 stainless steel) for the SA004, SUA and FUA adaptors
  • KPA005 for the SA005, SA006 and SA007 adaptors

2. Handwheel protectors

These protectors, integrated into the self-adjusting and self-centering fingers adaptors (SAxxx), are designed to protect the handwheel from being scratched during use.

They can be built into the adaptor during assembly in the factory or added later without difficulty.

They are made from high performance  polyethylene, which is anti-static and resists wear and tear. Each adaptor has a corresponding interface:

  • SA103 for the SA003 adaptor
  • SA104 for the SA004 adaptor
  • SA105 for the SA005 adaptor
  • SA106 for the SA006 adaptor
  • SA107 for the SA007 adaptor

3. Extension bars

We have a wide range of extension bars which enable operators to move away from the handwheel or valve, notably in the case of tapered handwheels and underground / buried valves. Light and robust, they can be used on rising stems up to48 mm maximum diameters.

The EBX02 extension bars fix directly on to the CSB and FSB adaptors by one or more screw.

The EBX04 extension bars fix on to the FUA adaptors using the TTA interface.

All the extension bars can be adapted for use on the actuators using the TTA interface for the banjo heads and the KTA interface for straight and right angle heads.

The EB00X telescopic extension bars are  specifically adapted for manipulating underground / buried valves. On one end they have a square ¾” male connector that connects to a standard socket. They can be activated either by a straight or right angle actuator (with the KHA001 interface, see below), or by an actuator with a banjo head (using the KHA002 interface, see below). In case the valve is deep in the ground, one can use the EB01X extensions to the telescopic EB00X.

4. Interfaces for telescopic valve key

With the KHA interface, you can manipulate the EB0xx extension bars  (telescopic valve keys).

Please note, this configuration cannot be used for handwheels with a rising stem. The KHA interface is available in 3 versions:

  • KHA001 for straight and right angle actuators
  • KHA002 for actuators with a banjo head
  • KHA003 is a universal joint for straight and right angle actuators

5. Interfaces for adaptors FS, CS and extension bars

The KTA and TTA interfaces enable the actuators to drive the FSB, and CSB adaptors, plus the extension bars.

The KTA models should be used for actuators with a straight or right angle head.

The TTA models fix directly on to the banjo head.

6. Square drives

The KTA3/4 and TTA3/4 interfaces can take a ¾” square drive which connects to all types of socket thereby turning all kinds of screws and bolts – this makes it possible to use your actuator for various types of applications.

The KTA models should be used for actuators with a straight or right angle head.

The TTA models fix directly on to the banjo head.

A large range of standard square sockets is also available to match most of the valves standards square drives