BVT-TB Steam conditioning valve

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The turbine bypass system consists of both pressure reduction and steam desuperheating. Turbine bypass valves are installed in parallel with the turbine’s pressure stages and provide a secondary conduit for the superheated steam. The valves may be used for controlling the downstream pressure and temperature during turbine operation or during a turbine trip.

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Valve sizes
Up to 500 mm seat diameter
Pressure class
Up to ANSI 4500 (higher rating on request)
Design temperature
620 ºC as standard (650 ºC on request)
Leakage class
ANSI Class III, IV, V, MSS SP 61
Up to 25:1 for the complete valve
Regulatory requirements
ASME, PED, IBR, CRN, ISO 9001/14001
Forged material adapted to connecting pipe material
Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical