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This exclusive patented system is the simplest and most effective for clamping on to flat or slightly tapered handwheels. No need to pre-install drive plates on the handwheel before use. The fingers type adaptors fix simply on to the  portable actuator head, and can then be used to turn every handwheel that has the same number of spokes. It takes less than a minute to change the adaptor. It can also be used for rising stem valves (if used with a banjo head).

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These adaptors save a significant amount of time and money as there’s no need to buy and install a drive plate for each handwheel.

1. Fixed fingers adaptors:

The fixed fingers adaptors should be used for flat or slightly tapered handwheels (spokes at an angle < 30° in relation to the wheel’s plane) and are composed of a drive plate on which one can screw up to 7 removable fingers according to the number of spokes on the handwheel you want to turn.

If used with a banjo head, fingers can also be screwed directly on to the head (maximum 5 fingers in that case), leaving space for the rising stem to pass through. If used with a straight or right angle head, the KPA004 interface is required to fix the drive plate on to the actuator head (see technical sheet 12).

For small diameters handwheels, one can use the standard drive plate and place three or four fingers on the small diameter (150 mm) or use the SUA034 drive plate with shorter and smaller fingers placed on a 75 mm diameter.

2. Self-adjusting and self-centering fingers adaptors:

Thanks to its patented system, these adaptors clamp instantly on to the handwheel and the actuator automatically centres itself giving greater ease and efficiency.

This adaptor should be selected for flat or slightly tapered  handwheels (spokes at an angle of < 10° in relation to the wheel’s plane). It fixes directly on to the banjo head, and via a KPA003, KPA004 or KPA005 interface on the standard splined shaft of the straight and right angle actuators.

To avoid scratching the handwheel, use the protector SA103/104/105/106/107.

These adaptors save a significant amount of time and money as there’s no need to buy and install a drive plate for each handwheel.